PRiVACY POLICY & release of liability and user agreement

The Policies and Agreements posted here are for reference only. When purchasing or scheduling a class with our studio, you will be asked to check a box to indicate that you agree to each of these terms during the checkout process.

Registration Process

Registrations are considered on a first-come, first-served basis, unless the class has a specific prerequisite noted, or instructions. If a class is oversubscribed, a waiting list is established, and applicants are notified by email as soon as space becomes available.

Vavroch Glass & Art Studio reserves the right to cancel under-enrolled classes. Students are notified of cancellations as early as possible.

Tuition Refunds and Cancellations

I understand that full payment is required by the start of each class or event and that students who do not submit full payment may not be allowed to enroll. I understand that I will be responsible for paying a $30 returned check charge to Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC for any checks or debit transactions returned by the bank. 

Full tuition and all fees are refunded if:
- An applicant is not admitted to a class
- A class is cancelled prior to its start date

I understand that the decision to cancel or reschedule classes due to serious weather is made and communicated by 10:00am for day classes and by 3:00pm for evening classes.

For classes with six or fewer meetings, I understand that there is no refund once the class has begun.

Release of Liability Agreement

In consideration of my involvement with Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC , I hereby release and save harmless all employees, instructors, and volunteers associated with Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC, from any and all liability and claims which may arise from my participation in art classes and/or other events provided by Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC.

Safety and Medical Permission

Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC, is a working stained glass art studio, meaning toxic and dangerous materials including, but not limited to, lead, solder, chemicals, soldering irons, and glass are used and stored on-site.

I agree to abide by the safety expectations communicated to me by Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC while using the studio space, tools, and materials. This includes wearing long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes as well as using studio-provided safety glasses, gloves, and respirator masks while I am in the studio.

I give permission for Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC to take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to obtain emergency medical care, if required. Any expenses incurred in carrying out these steps will be borne by me.

Emergency Contact

I understand that I will be asked to give a name and contact information for at least one person to contact in the case of an emergency.

Photo Release Agreement

I understand that my photograph or likeness may be published to social media and/or the Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC, website, or other promotional material.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I have carefully read and freely indicated that I understand the above agreements and policies upheld by Vavroch Glass & Art Studio, LLC. To the best of my knowledge, all information provided above is accurate, and unless otherwise noted in detail on this form, I have no physical, emotional or social conditions which make it dangerous for participation in art program activities and classes with Vavroch Glass& Art Studio, LLC.

If any of the information I have stated on this form about me changes, it is my responsibility to provide Vavroch Glass & Art Studio LLC, with those changes.

I understand and agree that no oral or written representations can or will alter the terms of this document. I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Oregon.

For our part, your information will never be shared or sold from Vavroch Glass & Art Studio. By enrolling in our classes and subscribing to our newsletter, your name and information will only be used by staff of Vavroch Glass to ensure you are up to date on the happenings regarding the studio. You are welcome to opt out at any time and your information will be securely disposed of.