Step 1:
Sign Up for
Meet the Medium:
Intro to Art Glass.

Step 1: Sign Up for Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass.

Register online or contact us to sign up for your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class - the prerequisite for all other art glass classes offered by Vavroch Glass. We want to make sure you love our space, instruction, tools, and materials before you sign up for a more expensive and more time-intensive class.

Expect to receive a $25 coupon code at the end of your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class for you to apply to a future art glass class.

Step 2:
Know Yourself.

Decide where in the art glass process you would like to start your piece, based on your schedule, interests, and personality. 

  • Start @ the Beginning
    • requires the most time and most work
    • allows you to create and use your own design
  • Start @ the Middle
    • requires less time than starting from the beginning, but more time than
      skipping to the end
    • allows you to still do most of the stained glass process, starting with the
      grinding step
    • provides an opportunity for you to jump in using an original or modified design by Vavroch Glass
  • Start @ Soldering/Skip To The End/
    • requires the least amount of time and work
    • allows you to create a finished piece immediately
    • is the best fit for private group classes, parties, and team-building sessions

Step 3:
Show Up. 
Save Time and Money.

Show up for your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class and enjoy tailored, flexible, and patient instruction during your two-hour class. With a low teacher to student ratio, expect 1:1 attention and support and lots of opportunity for hands-on learning of a new medium.

Remember that $25 coupon code you will receive at the end of the class? Your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class ends up costing you nothing when you apply its cost to a future art glass class at Vavroch Glass Studio.

And you have already had the chance to preview the studio, instruction, and materials to make sure it is a good fit for what you want. We want you to fall in love with the medium of art glass.

Step 4:
Sign up for only what you need.

At the conclusion of your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class, sign up on-site to reserve your space in the future classes needed to make your ideas a reality.

Choose from several options of days and times for classes that work with your schedule. Reserve your spot in only the classes you need to complete your finished art glass panel or suncatcher. 

When you take the classes you have signed up for, you will also be able to enjoy the flexibility of built-in Open Workshop hours included in the cost of your class. We do this intentionally to help support you with finishing your project before the end of the term, so you never need to feel rushed or unsupported, even when life has other plans in mind for you.

If your project is not yet finished by the end of the term, Open Workshop hours are available at $15 per hour.

Step 5:
Make your first masterpiece. Continue

Once you have your finished piece, start dreaming up your next art glass project. Will you use different lines, colors, textures, or makes of glass? Perhaps try a new technique or skill?

Despite our initial observations of its being a rigid substance, glass, as it turns out, can be unexpectedly flexible.

Step 6: