Register online or contact us to sign up for your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class - the prerequisite for all other art glass classes offered by Vavroch Glass. We want to make sure you love our space, instruction, tools, and materials before you sign up for a more expensive and more time-intensive class.

Expect to receive a $25 coupon code at the end of your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class for you to apply to a future art glass class.

Step 2:
Show Up. 
Save Time and Money.

Enjoy tailored, flexible, and patient instruction during your two-hour class. With a low teacher to student ratio, expect 1:1 attention and support with lots of opportunities for hands-on learning of a new medium. 

We want you to fall in love with the medium of art glass.

Step 3:
Sign up for only what you need.

At the conclusion of your Meet the Medium: Intro to Art Glass class, consider how you are now able to apply your newly-acquired glass-working skills toward a piece of your own creation.

Choose from several options of days and times for classes that work with your schedule. Sign up on-site for only the classes you need to make your own stained glass project a reality. 

Connect with others, reconnect with your creativity, and refine your cutting, breaking, and grinding technique skills. Learn and apply the additional steps of foiling, soldering, and finishing. Despite the initial observation of its being a rigid substance, glass, as it turns out, can be unexpectedly flexible.

Revel in the process of using your hands as well as your knowledge of the medium of art glass to build a unique, one-of-a-kind treasure for yourself or someone else.


Step 4:
apply and refine your technique skills.

Included in the cost of every Vavroch Glass class package are built-in Open Workshop hours. We do this intentionally to allow for greater flexibility in our supporting you with your craftsmanship and with completing your project.  Watch your piece come to life when you are finally able to hold it up to the light. You are creating something that has never existed before.

You will never need to feel rushed or unsupported, even when life has other plans in mind for you. Additional Open Workshop hours are always available at $15 per hour.

Step 5:
Take the time you need to do your very best work.

Consider how you have reinvented the ways you create and appreciate art and the artistic process. What went well? Was anything unexpected? What would you like to do differently next time? Will you use different lines, colors, textures, or makes of glass? Perhaps try a new technique or skill? Now, go create it.


Step 6: